I haven’t done a fun things post in a while, so here are some things we’ve been exploring/doing with our tiny humans this month: 

*Stripping them down and letting them paint the bathtub, and themselves, with homemade veggie based paints. 

*Letting them help prepare their snack. Putting carrots on their plates, mixing up trail mix, spreading almond butter on bread. 

*It’s been raining here (a rarity for Southern California), so we’ve been dressing them up in rain gear and taking them places (the beach, the zoo, etc.) for walks in the rain. 

What have you been doing with your little ones for fun?


"Raising a child is like taking care of someone who’s on way too many shrooms, while you yourself are on a moderate amount of shrooms. I am not confident in my decisions, but I know you should not be eating a mousepad."


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I’m going to be debuting a couple o’ new comic/zines at APE San Francisco next month. One of them will be my as-yet unamed diary about my failures as a runner and just as a person in general.

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My hands are too small to do this effectively.

I wish I wasn’t iPod


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wtf just happened??

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I didn’t know this existed and I’m kind of losing my mind a little. Another reason Sesame Street rules. 

This is the sweetest thing ever

Aw this just made my mood better :) thanks big bird!

I’m crying.

That’s awesome! 

Max was like what? But I asked him what was wrong with it and he had nothing to say. So booya! lol.

Brestfeeding + Sesame Street :) so cool!

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"The pains associated with menstruation and childbirth (even the emotional pain) are the price of having agency with the bloody, pulsing, volcanic divinity of creation, and they lie at the core of feminine wisdom. The literal experience of “my body is your body / your blood is my blood” holds great insight into the way of things. A self-possessed woman in childbirth can be a powerful teacher for all (including herself) on the temporality, humility, and connectedness of life. What if the medical establishment that purports to be saving women from the specter of pain and danger is instead ejecting them from the seat of their power?"

- Ani DiFranco, from the foreword of Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin (via dedalusex)

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"Creativity is not the possession of some special talent. It’s about the willingness to play."


John Cleese

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It makes me kinda oddly happy/sad that Kieth always has one of the shortest lines, if not no line, at con, even though he’s always in his booth. It’s nice that he’s approachable, but it sucks that he’s completely ignored by people who are allegedly fans of comics. Amanda and I went to his retrospective at the San Francisco cartoon arts museum in 2008, and there were more people there than I’ve ever seen in line to meet him at the con.

Everyone has an opinion on race, equality, justice, etc. I can’t help but think he was someone’s baby. I’ve thought it over a lot and just can’t get past the fact that he was someone’s precious baby. My mama’s heart can’t take that reality. 

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Joyful Momma's Kitchen: Top 5 Freezer Meals

Five meals to put into the freezer. Such a good idea!!


Discovered my babies love any kind of smoothie. They weren’t eating very much because it’s so hot. Froze protein strawberry smoothies into Popsicle molds. Delighted babies. Mommy nutritional win. 


My Dearest Jude, 

You are two and a half years old. You think that the cricket chirping in the kitchen is a bird, and say “hello bird!” whenever you walk by. You know parts of the ABC’s but always skip “h” and “p”. You can count to 13 but always skip “4”. You practice your new skills every day.

Your favorite foods are broccoli, cheese and banana flavored yogurt. Your language is improving and now we can have little conversations. Which always light up my day. You say “notebook” and pretend you are Steve from “Blue’s Clues” and that you can “skadoo”. You say; “Mommy you seen that? blue skadoo’d in the zoo!? Blue skadoo, we can too!” and then you jump over whatever’s handy, mostly me and Daddy. You’re so creative, and have such a big imagination.  

You love your Grandpa and Nona and try to find new ways to play every day. You love watering the garden. You asked me to “fisk” a “broken duck” at the park, because he was limping. I see your compassion in everything that you do, you’re so gentle with animals and with your sister, who is your favorite person in the world. You take time to include her in your play, share your snack and toys, and whisper when she’s sleeping.

We let you sleep when you’re tired, and eat when you’re hungry. We try to offer healthy foods and to not stress about when or how much you eat. We try not to limit you unless you might hurt yourself and then depend on short time outs. You hardly ever need one, you’re so cautious and caring. We encourage you to be loud, to feel your feelings and name them, and to try new things. Sometimes I worry that we are too permissive. That we’ll spoil you, or that you won’t have boundaries.

I made you a dress because you like them, and I give you pedicures when you ask me “mommy, toes!?” Much to the dismay of your very traditional Grandfather. And in addition to the traditional mommy worries of owies and other misadventures  I worry about you being forced into a gender role that may, or may not, fit like an itchy sweater.

I loved you from the moment I found out that you existed, when you were a blip on a grainy ultra sound. I love getting to know you every day, and I’m excited to see who you become. 

I love you my Jude Bear,